Earlier Work



[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/portfolio-2/earlier-work/musical/”%5DMusical%5B/fancy_link%5D

[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/portfolio-2/earlier-work/lizards/”%5DThe Lizards[/fancy_link]

[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/portfolio-2/earlier-work/volumes-and-vessels/”%5DVolumes & Vessels[/fancy_link]

[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/portfolio-2/earlier-work/shoes/”%5DThe Shoes[/fancy_link]



[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he main categories in the Portfolio menu represent my current work and future direction.

All of my earlier work will be represented here as well, piece by piece, categorized by the series it was created for.

While most of these pieces are residing in private collections across the world, there are a few that are still in galleries. We’ve tried to list the current location of each piece in the portfolio.



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