Atlanta Delivery Trip

Dorothy and I are freshly back from TEW Galleries in Atlanta. We had a pretty whirlwind little trip, and it was great to see Jules again and catch up.   We met Eric and Mark, and caught a glimpse of some very beautiful jewelry. Then we delivered a dozen horses, most of them brand new and never before shown. We missed Corky, but we will see him soon — October 24,20114 at the fabulous TEW Galleries! American Martin will be there, too, and we are really excited to meet her. We got a little preview of her work yesterday and she is amazing. Timothy was busy writing his blog, so we missed him as well. It was so nice to come home after a long trip and to read about Timothy’s recent visit with me and hear his thoughts about my studio. We are so very excited to be back in Atlanta again next Friday, the 24th, for the opening reception.

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