My Vision

My vision for this body of work is to represent a cycle in the identity of materials. Where the metal in these old car parts and industrial cast-offs was once mass produced, this time around it gets to be totally unique and repurposed as raw material for  my vision and perspective. Where it once was employed to solve a problem in functionality, it now presents me with the problem of surrounding it in non-functionality. Like any full and healthy system, where each part serves the whole and agrees to participate in the forward movement of evolution, these horses smile in the eye of their predecessors and hold the irony of their current form against the pieces that make them who they are. I bring to bear an obsessive and fanatical devotion to technical expertise and workmanship in this idea of horse, as I bring it to life in three dimensions. The limits of the raw material can never be an excuse, only an opportunity to see something in a new way.

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