Thanks Baltimore

Someone needs to take their finger off of the “fast forward” button! The past few weeks have been a blur. Ah, hell, every week is a blur anymore! We survived the storm of 2013 pretty much intact. A couple of snow days are good for the soul. I did have to shovel a path to the truck, though, to load up the girls and Dorothy and head up to Baltimore for the 2014 American Craft Council Show.
Talk about overwhelming and humbling in one breath – ACC Baltimore was that and more. I am so awed by the amazing things that people are willing to think about, and then go out and make! I saw work that is beyond description. Lots of oohs and ahhs for the girls! They had a fine time in the big city and got a chance to kick up their heels a bit.  Saw some old friends and was grateful to make some new ones, too. Ms. Money Maker shook her fine little butt and looked ’em straight in the eye – this one is a winner! If you haven’t seen her yet, check this out:
Also, check out some of the coolest artists and their websites:
Rob Caperell
Doug Meyer
Myra Burg
Alright, back in the studio now and thinking FISH. Time to complete the Center In the Square installation. A few fish down, a few to go. I’m having a fine time with the new Art Primo paint. Lots of trial and error; still, I really love having this huge color palette available and the paint is very cool to work with.  Lots of bright and shiny colors on these tropical fish! Metal jellyfish? Really? Good fun!
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