Boca, Baby and More…

There is an old saying, “They broke the mold when they made that one.”
Boca, Baby broke the mold before I even made her. From her amazing color to the
sweet curve of her butt, it seemed that Boca, Baby had made up her mind
to appear in this world as one flamboyant filly. She was totally out of control
before I got started.
As materials continue to be harder and harder to find, I am making more with
less. Less found material, that is, which has always been supplemented with my own
fabricated components along the way. I am watching as I am learning to use
the post consumer material and build the abstract parts in much the same way
as I would if I was using new material. Boca, Baby’s butt was made from a gas
tank, instead of the usual body panels, which gave me the opportunity I have been
looking for — to see if I can create a painted finish that replicates the
wonderful patinas that drew me to car parts to begin with. I think I have found
a good starting point here. Check out Boca, Baby at hhtp://
and you decide for yourself.
Now let me tell you about the paint. I love it when I get a story with an experience.
My good friend, Tom Dorathy, commissioned Toobz Muir to paint a mural on the
side of Tom’s shop. Well, it turns out that Scott is, plain and simple,
a great guy and a super artist. I met Scott one day when he was working on the
commission and started picking his brain about his paint and technique.
He told me about this place called Art Primo
All I can say is, if you paint, go check these guys out. They have more colors and
kinds of spray paint than I knew existed. I had a bunch of questions about the
paints and tips and all of this cool new stuff. The staff were completely knowledgeable,
and really understand what customer service means. There was a little misunderstanding at one point,
and they were stand-up about it and backed up everything and more. Here is the really cool
thing: I have tons of new paint in the most amazing colors you have ever seen.
The paint works great for lots of over-coats and for getting that nice broken-in and
worn look that I am always chasing. Finding Art Primo and their product has changed
 the look and altered the direction of this body of work. Since I am just along for the ride,
 that is just fine with me. So check out Art Primo, and Tom Dorathy and Scott instagram/toobzmuir, too!
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