Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Show

Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Show

Debi Ernst called a few months ago and invited me to bring some horses to the Ninth Annual Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival. All of the usual issues and concerns about an outside show jumped into my head. But, after a bit of checking around, I decided to just follow my heart and do this show.

Port Warwick is beautiful and everything Debi promised. All of the art and artists were top notch, and we were happy to be there, showing off the horses, meeting some old friends, and made some new ones.

This was one of the first chances to bring the Slightly Contained horses out and show them off. Like their bigger and smaller sisters, these horses were received by the folks of Port Warwick with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. I take this as another indication that this new scale nicely fills the void between the Expansive Horses and the Contained Horses.

The show was judged by Jeffrey Harrison, Chief Curator of the Chrysler Museum. This man loves art and was the most engaging judge I have ever met at a show. He not only wanted to see the art, he wanted to hear the back-story behind it. Jeff did not skimp on the time or energy it took to view each piece of art and learn about so many different artists. Hurricane did not shy away from Jeff’s scrutiny. She stood tall with that little cock of her head; she knows she is one hot-ass girl. It paid off yet again; she won the Walt Whitman Sculpture Award. Congratulations, Hurricane!

Thanks to Debi, Jeff, all of the staff, and the other artists who made our time in Port Warwick so sweet. These folks went above and beyond to support us, and all of those horses we showed up with.

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