The Slightly Contained Horses

It seems I have to walk around some corners to bring this work full circle. I spent a lot of time figuring out the Expansive Horses and, once I “got it,” I needed to move again. I stepped into the next arena with “Delilah,” just as I finished up the work for the TEW show. By that point, I needed to move away. I came back to the “Contained Horses” and further developed them in much the same way that I did with the Expansive Horses. I raised the level of workmanship to coincide with the more developed vision of the horse.

After much talking and head scratching, I knew it was time to move again. I just could not get my head around making the Expansive Horses smaller.  I was finely able to visualize The Slightly Contained Horse:  not smaller than the Expansive Horses but double the size of the Contained Horses. I love what happens when you double the size of a three dimensional object — it appears to be about 4 times bigger. As much as I try to avoid the tape measure and ruler, I measured the basic components of the Contained Horse and multiplied by 2. What happened just amazed me. The Slightly Contained Horse just became a presence in my studio. Like her big sisters she dominated the space, but without filling it up. Put her on a pedestal and she owns her corner of the room. On a coffee table, she is like good music — she fills the space but never interferes with the action of the room.
So look and enjoy!
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