Roan & Black

It is official! Roan & Black are open for business and taking Michigan by storm! These guys jumped in and took the “Big Risk” and are making a dream come true. Congratulations to them! It’s not everyday that my phone rings and John tells me about the dream he and Doug have to open a kick ass art gallery. Seems to me like it was just a couple of weeks ago, but I’m sure Doug and John will remember it a little differently. Any way, they are open for business and have had an amazing reception from the Art Coast. Bringing a blend of contemporary art with curated found objects, they offer a full service gallery that assists their clients with all aspects of collecting and exhibiting fine art. I am so pleased to have been asked to step into this dream and give a little push. John and Doug are simply a pleasure to work with, and it is very cool to get caught up in the excitement of art and dreams and all of that good stuff.
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