The Best Clients …

I have the best clients… I finished up last week by delivering my latest commission, a fireplace sculpture. One of the best things about this job is watching people really enjoy my work. I felt good about the finished piece –  it had a great deal of interest throughout and the movement was sweet and gentle. This piece was hand wrought and involved many hours of “heating & beating.” After all of that old-school work, it was nice to fire up the MIG and weld it up. With an abstract of this nature, I like the freedom that comes with doing the final design and construction simultaneously. To accent the organic form, I used a dark patina.  With a few hours of hand waxing, the piece took on a smooth rich patina that makes you just want to touch it. Andy, thanks again for allowing me so much freedom in this project. 

Fireplace Sculpture 1

Fireplace Sculpture










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