Artist Statement

[two_third][dropcap2]T[/dropcap2] he focus of Wertz’s work is finely crafted three-dimensional metal sculpture. Wertz seeks to share the excitement and mystery of this medium with the viewer through his sculpture.

All work is hand fabricated using various combinations of forging and welding. The technique is as ancient as it is modern and cutting edge. He employs a vast array of tools and equipment to achieve a diversity of expressions ranging from contemporary sleekness to the worn patinas of antiquity. The paints and finishes he uses operate in much the same way, drawing inspiration from the full length and breadth of the spectrum. In the majority of Wertz’s work he employs carbon steel, but on occasion he does augment his work with certain exotic metals. Of late he has been swept up in the raw beauty of post-consumer metal.

After an 18-month sabbatical exploring Asia, Wertz has returned to his east coast studio, eagerly jumping back in to reunite with the medium whose language he innately shares. He hopes that, in your consideration of his work, you will find that his enthusiasm for creating art is matched only by his tenacious pursuit of quality.



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[image title=”Dave Wertz”][/image]


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