About the artist

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2] seek to share the excitement and mystery of this life with the viewer through three-dimensional fine art.  All of my work is hand fabricated using various combinations of forging and welding, techniques as ancient as they are modern and cutting edge. I employ a vast array of tools and equipment to achieve a diversity of expressions ranging from contemporary sleekness to the worn patinas of antiquity. The paints and finishes I use operate in much the same way, drawing inspiration from the full length and breadth of the spectrum.  In the majority of my work I employ carbon steel, but on occasion I do add certain exotic metals. Lately, I have been swept up in the raw beauty of reclaimed metal.  No matter which metal I use, I love the curve and seek it out in all of its glory and wonder. As my career evolves and shifts, I notice my appreciation for the fundamental curve of the female form, and replicate it in the abstract as well as the stylized and functional.

[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/about-me/artist-statement/”%5DRead Dave’s Artist Statement here[/fancy_link]

[fancy_link link=”https://ametalsoul.com/about-me/resume/”%5DRead Dave’s Resume here[/fancy_link]


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