Title: Tailgate

Creation Date: 2010

Size: 34 x 22 x 9

Media: Mixed Media

Location: ametalsoul studio

Current Status: Available

Tailgate is one of my earliest horses; she is in a different “vein.” Like all of these girls, she has a story, too. Hers is the most personal of all. My father owned a 1973 Ford pick up truck. It was as near to new as any truck he had ever owned; this was a nice truck. As it goes with boys and trucks, within a few weeks a little something happened. Dad had left the tailgate down and backed into a tree or the barn or something, Anyway, in those days you fixed things like this by just taking the broken part off and going on. That tailgate sat in my father’s barn from the 70’s until just a few years ago. About the time he died, I started making horses. This used metal was a new animal for me and I was searching everywhere for some. I saw that old tailgate leaning against the wall – perfect! Tailgate is only one of two horses made from a single item that I fabricated the parts from.