Wertz SweetMagnolia2 12 MixedMedia 48x43x12

Sweet Magnolia



Title: Sweet Magnolia

Creation Date: 2012


Media: Mixed Media

Location: ametalsoul studio

Current Status: Available

There is just something hot about a girl with yellow legs and a sweet round butt. Magnolia has both and she not afraid to show them off. She may have the sweetest butt to ever come from a truck hood, an old 60’s era ford pick up hood that belonged to the state of Virginia. There is nothing like the official state color for a lovely little haunch. She is relaxed and easy, but don’t let that fool you, she is a winner from top to bottom. The blue Ford air filter and a chrome Chevy bumper help balance out that chrome tail, that she is so very proud of, as she should be. It takes a lot to get named Sweet and she fulfills every letter of it.

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