Steel Tree Table


Title: Steel Tree Table

Creation Date: 2016

Size: 30 X 48

Media: Carbon Steel

Location: ametalsoul studio

Current Status: Available

I have been looking at and hanging out with trees most of my life, to sit down and take time to appreciate how truly beautiful and amazing a tree can be is one of the richest things in my life. The thought of making one out of steel was a daunting thought, so when I was commissioned to make a steel tree table base I had to just quit thinking and start making. These trees are totally inspirational, no plans and very little tape measuring. The only thing I measure is the final height. The technique is a Dave blend of welding and forging for the most part, oh and lots of grinding more than you can imagine. Just like the living ones, these don’t come quick. These tree table really speak to me and I hope that is evident to you as well.