Wertz SoSweetD2 2012 MIxedMedia 54x66x19 E1359773480610

So Sweet D


Title: So Sweet D

Creation Date: 2012

Size: 54 x 66 x 19

Media: Mixed Media

Location: ametalsoul studio

Current Status: Available

Don’t let her fool you — she is sweeter than you can imagine, and she has a story or two to tell. I’ll never forget how much poison ivy I had after finding this old Ford hood way up on the side of a mountain. She looked like someone drove her into the creek and just walked away. I was so excited that I didn’t even see the poison ivy.  After much scrubbing, rubbing, and waxing, there is not a trace of that evil weed left, just a smooth patina of rust with a touch of 1940’s Ford yellow. Her inside neck is a smashed wheel from a tractor-trailer. She is spring-loaded and ready for any adventure. She’s a big girl — the first in my new studio — and once she got going I could hardly keep up as she just pulled me along.  Chrome shoulders contain her spring-loaded chest that moves you along to the fencepost spine.  As the energy flows through her chest and over her Ford hood ornament, it builds around her International Harvester brand and into the best neck ever. You won’t soon forget that sweet little face, the tight waist, and the flare to that butt. It takes a big girl to carry this much color and she’s ready for the task, with just enough bling so you know she is serious. The come-along handle belly is nice and tight and the hook is the finishing touch for a very powerful shoulder.