Wertz SimplyHot2 2012 MixedMedia 46x53x14 Copy E1359773807808

Simply Hot


Title: Simply Hot

Creation Date: 2012

Size: 46 x 53 x 15

Media: Mixed Media

Location: C. Weaks Interiors- Atlanta, Georgia, USA →

Current Status: Available

If there were a Bugatti of horses, it would be Simply. You can feel her at 6,000 rpm’s, and 2 gears to go, burning up Highway One. She is running wide open standing still, and has an elegance that awed even me. Sexy gold legs, and yep, with that Chevy hood ornament elbow, she is a classic blue blood. She’s not afraid to look you in the eye. From a 1960’s Ford hood that was owned by the State of Virginia to the cool T-Bird Turquoise of her haunch, she knows the value of her assets. She has some of the cleanest lines in this series. She can take the turn and put on the speed with her powerful shoulders and dancer’s ankles.  Her neck is a roller coaster ride for the eyes, and a sleek elegant power in the neck lets you know she can take you where you want to go, sooner than you can imagine. She shows all of her details in her own sweet time. With those gold legs, she wears her colors the same way she runs, wide open and to extremes. With a geared backbone that drives her flat-out without a blink, she is geared for a long curve and the rush of power that few ever feel.

Well, she takes the cake – hot and sleek, and all you want to do is see her stretch out and go! With a bloodline to match her pace, she is all thoroughbred with jelly on top.