Title: Ready

Creation Date: 2012

Size: 58x43x12

Media: Mixed Media

Location: Signature 9 Gallery- Roanoke, Virginia →

Current Status: Available

Stands tall and lean on the best legs in the heard. Thanks to Ms. Patti, for thinking of me when it was time for that 1950’s dinette table to get repurposed. The sleek tapered legs are to die for and they stand her proud. The lovely patina oh her sheet metal is thanks to Mr. Garrett up in Buchannan Virginia. She could be gone in a New York minute there is nothing slow about this girl. But she is not in any hurry right now and happy to show you her gentle side. Her sweet little butt is the fender liners from a classic old Chevrolet from the days of gravel roads, I am always happy to run my hand around any curve as sweet as hers. She is ready and willing to take you places you don’t want anyone to know about.