Pleasure & Vice


Title: Pleasure & Vice

Creation Date: 2014

Size: 17 x 17 x 6

Media: Mixed Media

Location: Georgia, USA

Current Status: Private Collection

This girl majored in bad habits and graduated at the head of her class. I’m here to tell you, those bad habits look pretty damn good on her. She can take you to church in the morning and right to heaven every night. She is not afraid to walk around the wrong side of right or hold you tight. This girl is holding tight on the inside lane and hell bound to have as much fun as one girl can. Pleasure & Vice doesn’t take advice; it never feels quite right. She goes her own way with never a question or doubt. If you can put all of those questions of right and wrong out of your head, and settle in for a ride right through the middle of the wild side, she just might share a little of her pleasure and vice with you.