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Olivia Overdrive


Title: Olivia Overdrive

Creation Date: 2014

Size: 38 x 36 x 11

Media: Mixed Media

Location: The TEW Gallery – Atlanta, Georgia, USA →

Current Status: Available

Olivia Overdrive is thoroughbred through and through. In her way, she is the most minimalist of the Slightly Contained horses. An old green truck hood from the 1950’s provided a compound curve that gave Olivia that sweet little flair on her haunches. Add in part of an old “Checker Cab” hood and I will tell you, that will make a proud-assed girl, and there isn’t a thing wrong with that. And her head? You can’t help but love it. She went together with a sweet elegance that left me in wonder of her  timing and class. No one has ever had to wait for this girl; you can feel the air slide around her.