Wertz MyLooseAssBaby2 2011 MixedMedia 45x53x15.jpg

My Loose Ass Baby


Title: My Loose Ass Baby

Creation Date: 2012

Size: 52 x 48 x 14

Media: Mixed Media

Location: The TEW Gallery – Atlanta, Georgia, USA →

Current Status: Available

Oh my God, what an ass! She is beautiful. A rare find — an old pickup hood with great red paint and the blue primer worn through — had the finest curve of any hood I have ever used. I didn’t want to waste any of the compound curve in this beauty. So, big ass it was. Balanced with the turquoise gravel pan from an old T-Bird, she can carry every bit of that butt. A VW bumper makes a sweet curve for her belly and a nice tuck to swing that butt from. I love her front knees and her Chevrolet brand balanced with the moving pieces on her saddle — she is magical. Ride her to that place of dreams and just hang on. With those red legs she can walk any way, any place, and any time she pleases. She is so hot that her hoofs are turnbuckles from the guide wires on power poles.