Wertz IfNotForMe2 2011 MixedMedia 47x45x13

If Not for Me


Title: If Not for Me

Creation Date: 2012


Media: Mixed Media

Location: ametalsoul studio

Current Status: Available

Her energy just hits you in the face – all of that compressed potential cocked and set to go. The iconic Chevy pickup hood from some time in the 1940’s worked out to become a very fine shaped butt, and the angular shift from haunch to butt is sharp and fluid. With a sweet chrome belly and a tail to die for, she is exciting. As I pushed her dimensions, I could feel the power move right through her. With a powerful leaf spring head and split rim necks, she is reaching for the sky as she stands tall on her hot little body. A Fiat chest and a landing gear handle from an old tractor-trailer become her shoulder, and round out the feeling of being pulled along with her.