Title: Hurricane

Creation Date: 2011


Media: Mixed Media

Location: The TEW Gallery – Atlanta, Georgia, USA →

Current Status: Available

Award Winner: The Walt Whitman Sculpture Award

Oh my, she is a beauty — strong and sleek and every bit the thoroughbred. A serious horse, this girl could hurt you. She shares an iridescent green hood with Shot Gun. I can imagine looking at the world across that hood, speeding along a long fast stretch of highway. For that hood to spend its present reincarnation as Hurricane’s butt, maybe those Buddhists are on to something. Scaffolding cross member legs set her up for a serious gaze. She has a T-Bird chest, intake blower back, and leaf spring connector shoulders. The blue of the Ford pickup air filter housing brings you to that amazing Wizard-of-Oz green hood, and slips in just enough sashay with her hip. She holds a winning hand with her stance, and she plays for keeps.