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Fancy Dancer


Title: Fancy Dancer

Creation Date: 2012


Media: Mixed Media

Location: Georgia, USA

Current Status: Private Collection

She sweeps you up with those legs. She has never apologized for her sweet butt and all of that color — some T-Bird turquoise, a little Ford pickup yellow, and some Dodge red to keep you smiling. With a bedpost belly, this girl knows how much to say and when to hold her cards. She shares a neck with So Sweet D — a mangled tractor-trailer wheel – and it sure stands her proud. The industrial yellow with that rusted patina makes for a beautiful face. She has given more than one unicorn a run for their money. With her amazing Ford hood brand, she shows her bloodline, and the wiggle on her back porch cinches the deal. She has the first interior-welded butt of the series, so feel free to let your hands loose on her haunch. She doesn’t have any weld beads on the outside, just a motion that will leaving you dreaming. She has a world-class butt tuck, and a tail that keeps turning heads.