Title: Delilah

Creation Date: 2012

Size: 31x36x9

Media: Mixed Media

Location: Georgia, USA

Current Status: Private Collection

How do you make Delilah one-half the size without losing the power? I don’t know; well, Delilah did. She is as strong and filled with potential movement as any of her big sisters. As I continue to abstract this idea of horse, I have to keep jumping out of windows, letting go of a little bit more, and inviting the viewer to participate on another level. It’s a risk, but we pulled it off with Delilah, as you can see from her magnificent butt with that International Harvester red (that was painted over with some orange sometime around 1974). I scrubbed and polished that butt to shine like it did in the 1960’s. With the iridescent legs, T-Bird chest, pinion gear shoulder, pump handle shoulder, and an ass to die for, she is over the top. Her perspective on the world is not limited — with her ass, all things are possible. A little flair on the haunches moves the details to new levels. Wearing her International Harvester chest proudly, she is top notch and not afraid to say so. Delilah took me for a ride that I haven’t “gotten over” yet. Keeping her edginess, while bringing the quality as high as I can reach, has pushed me out of the window once again. It is a rare and exciting adventure to have my art pick me up and pull me along with it. I really love this scale and can only wonder where this is leading me. The transitions in her butt are taking my welding skills to new places as well.