Aces Backed with Eights


Title: Aces Backed with Eights 

Creation Date: 2014

Size: 36 x39 x 10

Media: Mixed Media

Location: The TEW Gallery – Atlanta, Georgia, USA →

Current Status: Available

Well, Bob sung us a song about Rambling, Gambling Willie, the greatest gambling  man around. Aces Backed with Eights knows life is a gamble and she is not afraid to play her cards or bluff her way right through your chips and dreams. She came to the table ready to take any chance and play every hand it takes to fill her purse, and keep that sparkle in her eye, and she doesn’t look back. So if you think you have what it takes to sit across the table and take your chances with the best, have a seat and get ready to play the game the way it has never been played before.