A Chrome Wind

A Chrome Wind


Title: A Chrome Wind

Creation Date: 2012


Media: Mixed Media

Location: Georgia, USA

Current Status: Private Collection

Sweet and tight, she conveys an energy that is amazing for her stature. Remember those big old Buicks from the 70’s? Well, they don’t come easy, and their bumpers are about impossible to remove when you can find one. I walked up on this one at Mr. Whitlow’s junkyard. Someone had unbolted it from the frame. I couldn’t believe my luck — until I tried to pick it up. While it didn’t kill me getting it to and into the truck, I’m not sure I would do it again. So, I have this huge bumper — it is longer than the bed of my old Ford pickup — and then I saw the curve. I took my torch to that bumper and in a little while I had the haunches. A few pieces from an old pickup fender just rounded her out. Her VW belly gives her a shape that is simple but so smooth you want to rub it. When you wake up every morning with purple legs, you have a different take on the world.