• D-9 CAT Table 19 x 8 x 16 2013

    D-9 CAT Table

    Some times you just get lucky, well that says it all here. I looked at the piece of bulldozer I had setting on my bench for hours without any idea of how this was going to become a table, I just knew that it was going to. […]

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  • Candle3

    D’s Candelabra

    D’s Candelabra: Fast and quick, that is how it feels when I watch the light move around this sculpture. You can almost feel the heat rising up off of the top. The heating and beating and bending can really eat up a day, but it is well worth […]

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  • Invision


    Dr. Scott Mann & Dr. Jon Gudeman of Invision in Salem really know how to catch your eye with these custom door pulls. I made these pulls for them when they moved into their “dream” office several years ago. These docs are so good that […]

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  • Fireplace1

    The Best Clients …

    I have the best clients… I finished up last week by delivering my latest commission, a fireplace sculpture. One of the best things about this job is watching people really enjoy my work. I felt good about the finished piece –  it had a great […]

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  • Honfleur1

    Sculpture Now 2013

    As most of you already know, Hurricane was juried into the Sculpture Now 2013 show at the Honfleur Gallery in Washington, D.C. The show was sponsored by the Washington Sculptors Group.  It was really a pleasure working with Beth Ferraro, the Creative Director of the Honfleur Gallery, and […]

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  • Fireplace Scuplture

    Fireplace Sculpture

    I have been working on this custom commission for several weeks. I just finished putting it together, next it will receive a dark blue patina. Then lots of wax and rubbing. More pictures coming soon.

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  • DSC00142 1 Of 1

    More Horses on the Road

    More horses on the road Yep, we put another horse on the road yesterday. Hurricane made the trip up to Washington, D.C. It was a wet slog up I-81 and, no matter what her name implies, she is a fair weather girl. Good thing she was wrapped […]

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  • Sparkyleft

    Calendar Juggling

    I’ve had a few changes to the old exhibit and show calendar this spring. The latest  additions are: Open Studios of Roanoke 13th annual tour in April. Scultpure Now 2013 The month of March will find ametalsoul Studios exhibiting with the Washington Sculptors Group in […]

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  • Dwherd

    Horses on the road

    We’ve been attracting a good deal of attention when I take these girls on the road.

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  • Wsg E1359318059788

    Sculpture Now 2013

    DATES: March 1 – April 12, 2013

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