• Looking Good

    Startle Me and Shotgun are looking really good at Coda Gallery Park City.

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  • Coda200

    CODA Gallery Park City

            ametalsoul studio is pleased to add the CODA Gallery in Park City, Utah to its growing roster of exceptional representation. For over 16 years CODA Gallery Park City has been known for its colorful, fun and light hearted aesthetic.  While predominantly […]

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  • Thanks Baltimore

    Someone needs to take their finger off of the “fast forward” button! The past few weeks have been a blur. Ah, hell, every week is a blur anymore! We survived the storm of 2013 pretty much intact. A couple of snow days are good for the […]

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  • Horsefeathers Lenoir, NC

    From June 6th through 27th, the Caldwell County Arts Council in Lenoir, NC, is hosting “Horsefeathers.” This show will feature work by Christine Kosiba, Ann DerGara, and me. We would be hard pressed to find a prettier spot to show art! Many thanks to Christine […]

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  • Roanoke Open Studio Tour 2014

    The Roanoke Open Studio Tour 2014 is scheduled for the first weekend of May this year, in order to coincide with the Roanoke Garden Tour. I love to show my work right here in Roanoke, Virginia. And, I managed to talk Diane Patton into showing […]

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  • Bocaright

    Boca, Baby and More…

    There is an old saying, “They broke the mold when they made that one.” Boca, Baby broke the mold before I even made her. From her amazing color to the sweet curve of her butt, it seemed that Boca, Baby had made up her mind to appear in […]

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  • Thank You

    I want to send out a big “thank you” to the galleries that are representing my work. Doug and John at Roan & Black, in Michigan, continue to place a wide range of work and the horses are leading on the inside. The TEW Galleries in […]

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  • New, old car hoods

    The Slightly Contained Horses have been very popular with collectors! I have found some new sources for old car hoods with beautiful worn finishes, so the horses can just keep coming. I will have more images soon of these, too.

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  • American Craft Council Show Baltimore Feb. 21 – 23

    Three fish in, I have to put the brakes on the Center in the Square commission for a bit and start getting ready for the American Crafts Council (ACC) show in Baltimore. I will be at that show from February 21st through 23rd. With less […]

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  • More Fish

    Wow, it has been a long time. Happy New Year! My year is off to a good start and I am having a fine time. After the installation at Center in the Square in Roanoke was completed, I was then commissioned to do a completely […]

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